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Klinical Health care

At Alokik Hospital, we focus on treating ailments from their core using safe and effective homeopathic methods. Our facility is staffed with skilled doctors and dedicated paramedics. We have well-equipped general wards, private rooms, a 24-hour pharmacy, laboratory, ECG and X-ray departments, a physiotherapy unit, administrative support, and a cafeteria.

We offer both general and specialized outpatient services, along with round-the-clock emergency care. Our highly qualified medical professionals ensure continuous medical attention for all patients. Alokik Hospital is dedicated to providing top-notch healthcare services and aims to benefit our affiliated organizations and their employees by offering quality healthcare solutions.

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AAlokik Hospital is an ISO certified (ISO 9001:2015-RQ91/9494) Homeopathy hospital and a Medical Research Center.


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Alokik Hospital is a 50 bedded hospital including In-patient wards and Private Rooms.

Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy department, which deals with physical rehabilitation and therapeutic exercises to aid in recovery from injuries or improve mobility.

Hair and Skin Therapy

Hair and skin therapy, likely involving treatments for hair and skin-related conditions, such as dermatological issues or cosmetic procedures.

Obesity Center

Obesity center, which likely focuses on weight management, providing services and guidance to address obesity through diet, exercise, and other interventions.

Team Based Work

In delivering health care, an effective teamwork can immediately and positively affect patient safety and outcome.

Experienced Doctor

Have been admitted into the hospital and want expert guidance in your care.

Professional Services

We provide professional services to our patients. So that patients recover as soon as possible.

Emergency Help

We provide general and special OPD services with 24x7 Emergency.

Qualified Facility

We have well qualified staff for patient care. Our Staff available all time when patients needs.

Medical Counsling

Hospitalization is a stressful event that disturbs the physical and psychological well-being of a patient.

Why Homeopathy?

Recognized as the world's second-largest system of medicine by the World Health Organization (WHO), Homeopathy employs a sophisticated approach, utilizing substances from plants and minerals. Contrary to common belief, Homeopathy isn't always a slow treatment; in fact, it can often offer faster results compared to allopathy.

  • No side effects
  • Cures the Disease from root
  • No addictive medicines

Why Alokik?

With a network of over 7 Homeopathy clinics across India, Dr. Mahaveer Sharma - a Neuro Specialist (B.H.M.S.,C.S.D.,C.G.O.,C.V.D.,M.D.,Rep.) - has successfully treated over 50000 patients. Alokik offers specialized and effective Homeopathy treatments under his expert guidance.

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